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Check out Nightscan Deventer

The City of Deventer has put, in partnership with Tauw, the interactive Night Scan online. Check out the beautiful images.

Nightscan: mapping light pollution from street lighting and buildings

  • Aerial photography of cities by night
  • Detects excessive light that disorganizes humans and animals
  • Usable to prevent light pollution and conserve energy
  • Delivered as geo-referenced orthophoto

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Nightscan is powered by Miramap
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The Netherlands

Miramap makes Nightscan of Northern Friesland

On Monday night on the 29th of February Miramap has made a Nightscan of the Northern part of Friesland. The City of Menameradiel has commissioned to make this scan during night time to identify light sources on municipal territory.

Nightscan on Twitter

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nightscan is a product of miramap
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